NEW YORK, February 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Working in Support of Education (W!se), a leader in financial education, is pleased to announce the launch of a major new digital resource to enhance its award-winning financial literacy certification program.

This resource is a new cloud-based mobile app with an updated database of practice test questions that allows students from schools participating in the certification program to take practice tests and quizzes online. The app will help students prepare for the W!se National Financial Literacy Certification Test. Students who pass the test become Certified Financially Literate™, a credential recognized by schools in 49 states.

Development of the W!se application was led by Deutsche Bank (“DB”), with support from Microsoft (“MS”), W!se and students from the certification program schools. The app was originally designed during the bank’s three-day Hackathon where 120 of their employees in four US cities, 20 MS volunteers, W!se staff and high school students created 15 different prototypes. Following the Hackathon, a DB team, with W!se and input from high schools in several states, used the best features of the prototype and developed the app for iOS and Android mobile phones. The app was also made possible by a generous grant from the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation.

“It has been very rewarding to apply the latest mobile and cloud technologies to advance financial literacy and engage students on the devices they use every day,” said Andrew Grant, Senior Database Developer. “We are really excited to support financial education and W!se,” added Milind NimeshDB product manager.

“Offering this app reinforces our financial education program,” said W!se Founder, President and CEO, Phyllis Perillo.Practice test questions on banking, credit, insurance, investing, and financial planning support personal finance education and are an investment in developing youth financial literacy. »

The new resource is integrated into W!se’s existing online testing system. Schools have the choice of using the W!se app anytime, anywhere and/or the online database. They will also be able to track student practice test and quiz results through a comprehensive reporting capability developed in conjunction with teachers and administrators across our nationwide network of schools.

“The new app is a great resource,” commented George Carboneteacher at Northern Highlands Regional High School in New Jersey. “The quality and breadth of the questions are exceptional. The mobile capability is second to none in terms of functionality and ease of use. I also appreciate that the IT capability offers analytics that allow me to assess the level of content knowledge and areas of my students’ need.”

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About work in support of education (W!se) is a non-profit educational organization based in New York City improve the lives of at-risk youth and adults through programs that build financial literacy and college and job market readiness. For more information, visit wise-ny.org. Follow W!se on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @wisenewyork.

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