Williams’ financial security provides ‘motivation’ on F1 ‘battlefield’

Ian Parkes and Ewan Gale

Williams CEO and Team Principal Jost Capito explained the benefits of the team’s new financial security.

The Grove-based team has gone from an encouraging period in the mid-2010s to a team struggling for results and money.

The Williams family pulled out of the deal when Dorilton Capital took over in mid-2020, with George Russell and Nicholas Latifi securing the team’s first points in two years at last season’s Hungarian Grand Prix .

Speaking to the GPFans at the end of 2021 ahead of the introduction of new F1 regulations for the upcoming season, Capito explained: “Of course having financial security is a big advantage for the team.

“Now you know that development is more limited by cost caps in the future than by resources.

“In the past, for Williams, it was definitely limited by the resources available.

“As this is no longer an issue and the cost cap is the same for everyone, we arrive at a much more balanced battlefield.

“Of course it’s also easier to develop a car with a mindset where we have the finances to improve the car, and not just have a chance, then that’s it.

“It’s the mentality of the team and for the motivation of the team it’s a huge advantage.”

Sarah J. Greer