Sharemarketstudies: Elevating Financial Literacy Among Youth, Founded by Pratik Bhor

Sharemarketstudies was launched on March 9, 2018 via an Instagram page with the aim of guiding people at the start of their stock market journey. He has become one of India’s top financial influencers. He has a growing social media presence, with over 315,000 Instagram followers (as of April 02, 2022).
The investment journey

Sharemarketstudies prioritizes its students’ comprehensive understanding of stock market marketing, and while it provides information and teaches everyone on the subject, it also places great emphasis on assisting budding investors from all possible ways.

For the same reason, Sharemarketstudies provides Demat account opening services for anyone who wants to start engaging in the stock market. He has also collaborated with four brokers, enabling him to help every student find a suitable broker.

Resources and services provided by sharemarketstudies

The company has published two stock market e-books, which include topics such as stock market fundamentals and fundamental analysis. He has started work on his second e-book, which will include a technical analysis of the stock market.

Moreover, Sharemarketstudies is a premium member of the Telegram group, which enables its students to collect all kinds of information such as receiving regular updates, researching important data, imp analysis, educational data /economic/financial, company news, daily electronic newspapers. , etc. His website also has many articles related to the stock market.

Market research ensures that students receive high quality services. It currently offers two trading courses: one for beginners and one for advanced investors. The firm also offers a comprehensive course on the stock market.

In addition, it intends to develop specially adapted courses that would deepen the different areas. For example, the fundamental analysis course will teach you how to do a fundamental analysis of a company.

Sharemarketstudies additionally offers paid marketing opportunities on its site (as a media/influencer platform). However, it exclusively promotes high quality and trustworthy brands that can benefit students and the general public.

Future market research plans

Sharemarketstudies seeks to provide all the answers to stock market hopefuls of all levels, from beginner to expert. He created a platform to deliver all financial news and updates at the same time. The company intends to reach millions of people digitally by expanding its web presence. It attempts to give information about the stock market and finance in general. Sharemarketstudies will soon begin one-to-one consultations / telephone consultations (relating to the stock market and personal finance), seminars in key cities, university campaigns (offline) and much more. He also plans to launch a consulting platform and offer the same service in the future. Additionally, the company plans to hold seminars in multiple locations and collaborate with major media outlets to increase financial literacy among young people.

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