Santander Consumer USA funds financial security programs for survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence

More … than $400,000 in grants from Santander Consumer UNITED STATES Inc. Foundation supports New Friends New Life and Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

DALLAS, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Santander Consumer UNITED STATES Inc. (“SC”) helps victims of domestic violence find financial freedom and funds an initiative to remove economic barriers for women and adolescent girls who have been trafficked. The consumer from Santander UNITED STATES Inc. Foundation awards grants from $250,000 to support New Friends New Life, which restores and empowers trafficked and sexually exploited adolescent girls, women and their children, and $160,000 at Genesis Woman Shelter & Support, which will provide program and administrative support to support survivors of abuse and trafficking.

The $250,000 grant to New Friends New Life will provide funding for its Economic Empowerment and Breaking Down Barriers Initiative that addresses the economic and legal barriers faced by 250 adult survivors. Part of the funding will support financial literacy, employment support and financial referral services. It will also partially fund the launch of a legal defense clinic to create a legal action plan to remove barriers to employment.

The $160,000 Grant to Genesis Woman Shelter & Support will provide funds to match the savings 30 families accumulate before leaving transitional housing. It will also help Genesis customers improve their credit score and start their new life with some financial security from their savings.

“Women everywhere face social, cultural and economic barriers to equality, especially if they find themselves in high-risk or dangerous situations,” Santander Consumer said. UNITED STATES CEO Mahesh Aditya. “These grants support the financial empowerment and economic mobility of women whose resources or access to resources may be limited. The missions of New Friends New Life and Genesis Woman Shelter – which includes providing hope and opportunity for women and children who have been abused and exploited – is critically important and timely, and we are happy to support this transformative work. »

“Survivors of trafficking often face significant barriers that prevent them from finding mainstream employment, which is essential to achieving economic stability,” said the CEO of New Friends New Life. Bianca Davis. “We are very grateful for this transformative grant from Santander Consumer UNITED STATES Foundation that strategically paves the way for survivors, giving them the opportunity to be truly free from the exploitation and abuse of their past.”

“The women who come to see us are literally fighting for their lives,” said Jan Edgar LangbeinCEO of Genesis Woman Shelter and support. “We don’t just provide them with shelter from their attackers. Our mission is to help them become self-sufficient and set them on the path to a safer and more secure future. It’s easier to do with the help of organizations like the Santander Consumer UNITED STATES Foundation.”

New friends New life and Genesis Woman Shelter & Support are both former grant recipients from Santander Consumer UNITED STATES Foundation Inc.

About Santander Consumer UNITED STATES

Santander consumer UNITED STATES Holdings Inc. (NYSE: SC) (“SC”) is a full-service consumer finance company focused on vehicle financing, third-party services and providing superior service to our more than 3.1 million customers across the credit spectrum. SC, which began offering retail installment contracts in 1997, had an average portfolio of assets under management of approximately $64 billion (for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2021). The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Santander Holdings UNITED STATESInc. and is part of Madrid, SpainBanco Santander, a global banking leader based in New York. For more information on Santander Consumer UNITED STATESplease visit

About New Friends New Life

Founded in dallasin 1998, New Friends New Life (NFNL) restored and empowered trafficked and sexually exploited teenage girls, women and their children, and raises awareness of the problem and its prevalence. By providing access to education, job training, temporary financial assistance, mental health and spiritual support, New Friends New Life helps women and their children overcome histories of abuse, addiction , poverty and limited opportunities. In 2021, NFNL served 312 members. NFNL also educates the community and works to eradicate the human trafficking epidemic through advocacy, law reform, and strategic partnerships that address systemic causes. In 2018, NFNL opened a Youth Resource Center (YRC) in partnership with the Governor’s Office to serve trafficked and high-risk teenage girls. Since its opening, the YRC has served 442 girls. In 2015, NFNL organized its Men’s Advocacy Group to engage men in the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation. For more information, visit

About Genesis Woman Shelter and support

Since opening its doors in 1985, Genesis Woman Shelter & Support provided security, accommodation and expert counseling services to women and children experiencing domestic violence. Genesis is committed to removing any barriers a woman may face on her journey to the abuse-free life she deserves. These life-changing services include emergency shelter, long-term housing, an award-winning on-site K-8 school, daycare, access to legal representation, and state-of-the-art therapies. Genesis serves more than 3,700 women and children each year and relies on the generous support of the dallas community to continue to provide these services at no cost to customers. For more information, visit


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