Over 200 people build financial literacy and small business acumen in first year of Pathway financial education program

An innovative program launched during Financial Literacy Month a year ago welcomes a new class of 2022 of teens, adults and small business owners this month

Kansas CityThis program provides essential financial planning and resources to underserved small business owners, adults and youth

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The nonprofit Pathway Financial Education program welcomes its second year of 2022 students this month during National Financial Literacy Month and the one-year anniversary of its opening the first cutting-edge Pathway Financial Educational Technology Center in an underserved community.

More than 200 people, young entrepreneurs and budding adults from Kansas Cityhave already received free financial training on money management, taxes and accounting, managing debt and using credit cards, buying a house, learning the basics of savings and investment, and much more over the past year thanks to the program.

The nonprofit resource-based training and education headquarters and its first state-of-the-art education center is located in the historic, but underserved, 18th and Vine district. Kansas City neighborhood where American jazz found its sound and where the Negro League Baseball Museum is located. Substantial financial support for the center and program is provided by Creative Planning, BlackRock, Inc., JE Dunn and the Royals Charities in Kansas City, Missourithe Opus Group in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Dimensional Fund Advisors in Austin, TX.

The program is the brainchild of a Registered Investment Advisor Pierre Malloukthe president and chief executive officer of Kansas CityCreative Planning, an independent national wealth management firm based in New York.

“Pathway’s mission is to provide access to financial planning and resources to people in underserved communities, who may not otherwise have this opportunity,” Mallouk said. “Pathway teaches the skills everyone needs to achieve their goals, boost their business, and make smart financial decisions in the future.”

Financial illiteracy in America affects a large percentage of the population, perpetuating poverty and hindering prosperity. A lack of understanding of financial services and the basics of personal finance often leads to recurring cycles of poor financial decisions and barriers to social mobility.

The Pathway Financial Educational program offers comprehensive financial education courses for teens, adults, and small business owners who want to take control of their financial lives. The program has three tracks for teens, adults and small business owners which include a number of different courses taught by 20 accomplished instructors, guest speakers, coaches and panelists with degrees in law, accounting, financial planning and many more. other subjects. Participants accepted into the program receive comprehensive financial training and education at no cost to them.

Pathway prioritizes educating young people on the basics of financial planning. In 2021, Pathway welcomed its first cohort of high school students, who were able to participate in a program focused on empowering their financial independence. Classes detailed the importance of mindset, insight, and forming positive habits.

“Everyone has a formative experience with money as a child, and those experiences impact how we view and deal with money as adults,” said Latasha Wilson, executive director of Pathway. “Once we establish the mindset, we move on to the basic skills, or insight, needed to develop healthy financial habits. Then we move on to forming positive habits, which include things like finding a financial mentor.”

The success of the first three groups of students in the program has created momentum as the organization enters its second year. This month, the full second class of small business owners kicked off at the Kansas City center.

“You can’t overstate the value of being in the room together,” said Vince Clark, Vice President of Business Development and Chief Corporate Officer at Creative Planning. “Even when the sessions are over, half of the business owners are still in the room talking about challenges and wins, sharing resources and more. It’s amazing to see!”

Clark, who helped create and implement the program, looks forward to seeing Pathway continue to grow.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better first year. Through Pathway, we’re democratizing knowledge of financial education to end the cycle of poverty and patterns of poor financial judgment. Watching the program literally transform the people’s lives is what excites me the most. I’m happy to be a part of it,” Clark said.

To learn more about participating in Pathway or to start your journey to financial literacy, visit www.pathwayeducation.org

About Pathway Financial Education
Pathway Financial Education is a non-profit resource-based training and education organization headquartered at 18th & Vine Streets in the historic jazz district of Kansas City, Missouri. Pathway is committed to providing comprehensive financial training and education to small business owners and individuals. Pathway was founded on the principles of diversity, inclusion, equity, and access that are upheld in the program’s programs and among its instructors.

About Financial Literacy Month
April is National Financial Literacy Month. National Financial Literacy Month emphasizes the importance of learning about finances and the tools to learn more right in the classroom. Regardless of age, putting together the know-how and financial resources empowers people to make smart decisions now and in the future.

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