Ohio high school students will have to take a financial literacy course, according to a new law

COLUMBUS (WJW) — Gov. Mike DeWine signed a bill last Thursday requiring Ohio students in public high schools to take a financial literacy course.

Below Senate Bill 1students entering Grade 9 for the first time on or after July 1, 2022 will be required to complete a half-credit or 60 hour course in financial literacy.

Depending on the bill, students can either take the course instead of a half math unit or as an elective.

Students attending non-public schools accredited by the Central States Association of Independent Schools, as well as any other non-public charter schools, will not be required to take the course.

The bill was sponsored by Representatives Steve Wilson and Rob McColley.

“It is our duty as a state to ensure that our education system prepares Ohio students to succeed. There are few things that will better prepare someone for success than an understanding of basic financial literacy,” McColley said. “Thank you to Governor DeWine for signing Senate Bill 1 into law and ensuring that students can leave high school better equipped to begin the next chapter of their lives.”

Sarah J. Greer