NIDC Announces Completion of First Financial Literacy Ambassador Program – Bronx Times

As part of its mission to prepare young people for a prosperous future and help build thriving communities, Neighborhood Initiatives Development Corp. (NIDC) is proud to announce the completion of its first Financial Literacy Ambassador Program (FLAP).

NIDC surveyed the community and found that there was a need for financial education for young people. Securing a $40,000 grant through NYC’s participatory budgeting process, NIDC partnered with Ridgewood Savings Bank and Jasmine Brown, author of “The Money Club: A Teenage Financial Literacy Guide” to set up the Classes.

As a program facilitator, Brown traveled twice from North Carolina to use her guide and workbook to help 12 Bronx teenagers and their families learn banking, budgeting and entrepreneurship. Participants were offered money to open a savings account, which Ridgewood Savings Bank matched. Participants were encouraged to then be ambassadors of what they learned to support their friends and family.

“Working with the students in person has been an absolute joy,” Brown said. “The students were motivated and enthusiastic about learning. I find that when you teach a subject like money, kids get interested in it because they want to know more and get more out of it.

“It was great to be a part of implementing FLAP for our Bronx teens,” said Jessica Toro, director of community engagement at NIDC. Through these workshops, they were able to learn about saving, entrepreneurship, and investing, all of which are great financial tools they can use now and in their future. I hope they apply some, if not all, of what they learned when making financial decisions throughout their lives. »

This program was made possible by the NYC Civic Engagement Commission, Young Men’s Initiative, FACTS, Strive Higher Inc, Ridgewood Savings Bank (Norwood Branch), NY Public Library-Allerton, and Ann Clair’s Salumeria Sandwich Shop.

NIDC’s mission is to prepare young people for a prosperous future and help build prosperous communities. Their youth development services include after-school programs for K-12 students, a summer camp, a nightly teen center, and support for out-of-school youth.

For more information, please contact Jessica Toro, Director of Community Engagement at

Sarah J. Greer