Money Management International Announces 2022 Financial Literacy and Education in Communities (FLEC) Awards

Journalists and media professionals honored for their valuable contributions to community financial literacy at local and national levels.

Stafford, Texas, June 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Money Management International (MMI), one of America’s largest nonprofit credit counseling and financial wellness organizations, is pleased to announce the recipients from Financial Literacy and Education in Communities (FLEC) Awards 2022.

“We are grateful to all the hard-working journalists across the country who support their communities through financial education and empowerment,” said Jim Trigg President and CEO at MMI. “The MMI Financial Literacy and Education in Communities Award celebrates these trusted voices for their work to reduce barriers for Americans struggling with debt.”

Studies have consistently shown that stigma is a major barrier to seeking financial advice, yet timely interventions with credible and supportive solutions are essential for people facing financial hardship. Quality coverage of very real challenges faced by a wide range of Americans and stories of finding help to triumph over adversity, lowering the barriers of stigma and shame for millions more are looking for answers that can transform their financial life and their future.

Real people telling their stories of over-indebtedness inspire others to take action.

MMI’s proprietary research has shown that local, trusted relationships in a regional market with former MMI clients who have overcome their own debt increases the number of people seeking help by up to 289% compared to markets in control.

“Debt has become a taboo topic of conversation that isolates those of us who struggle with it,” said Thomas Nitzche, Senior Director of Media and Brand at MMI. “Journalists are our partners in sharing impactful stories that reduce the stigma and shame of financial hardship in our country. We are proud to honor journalists and media professionals who truly make a difference for Americans in need of financial advice and debt solutions.

2022 MMI FLEC Award winners include:

National Excellence

Jackie LamHi Freelancer

Adam HardySilver

Sean PylesNerdWallet

local excellence

Susan Campbell3TV Phoenix

Tricia Kean & Daniel GutierrezKTNV Las Vegas

About MMI

Money Management International (MMI) is changing the way America overcomes financial challenges. MMI helps create, restore and maintain a life of financial well-being through self-directed choices. For more than 60 years, our clients have gained financial confidence through nonprofit programs that educate, motivate and liberate. MMI inspires action by providing expert professional advice and timely solutions aligned with our clients’ goals. Are you facing a financial challenge? Find your solution 24/7 at 866.864.8995 and

About FLEC Awards

The MMI FLEC Awards were launched in 2021 to recognize outstanding contributions in consumer finance journalism. Award winners are selected by MMI’s leadership team based on the breadth, depth and quality of reporting on financial wellness issues impacting communities locally and nationally.

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