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ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) – When you enter the adult world, it’s no secret that managing your finances can be difficult, but an Atlanta-based investment firm has unveiled a new game designed to teach young adults and students more about financial literacy.

A day before Georgia Tech kicks off its basketball season, Invesco informed students about his financial literacy game called “How not to suck money.“It’s an interactive online financial education tool. Investco joined a panel of sports legends on campus on November 8, 2021 to discuss the realities of money management. “The way we play, we have to be tough, and it’s kind of the same with finances,” said Georgia Tech men’s basketball head coach Josh Pastner.

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Panelists shared their personal experiences and lessons learned. “It’s a matter of balance and understanding that there is an economy for a rainy day,” said Emily Pachuta, Invesco’s chief marketing and analyst officer. She also urged students not to be afraid to take a little advice from their parents. “You would be surprised. They might also share their mistakes with you.

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WNBA Hall of Famer Swin Cash says it’s all about investing and making the right bets with your money. “You have to know who is on your team. You have to understand the fundamentals, the basics, in order to build it and be successful,” she said. Sportswriter Taylor Rooks moderated the panel and shared some money secrets including borrowing smart, spending with intention, and letting your money work for you. “Save for when things go wrong and pay yourself first,” Rooks said.

Just like sports, success may not happen overnight, but that’s okay. “Everyone always seems to have an idea of ​​how they’re going to get rich quick, what investment they’re going to make,” said senior associate dean and associate professor of finance Jonathan Clarke. A little practice and patience can create a prosperous future, especially when it comes to finances.

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To play the “How Not to Suck Money” game and learn financial literacy tips, click here.

Sarah J. Greer