How Eternal is bringing financial security to Kiwis in uncertain times

With the current economic turmoil, coupled with the skyrocketing cost of living, it’s no wonder that many New Zealanders are experiencing financial uncertainty. At times like these, it can be helpful to focus on things within our direct sphere of influence, and given that KiwiSaver is such an important asset to many New Zealanders, it’s a better place than any other to begin with.

Eternal Financial Advice has a fantastic resource for Kiwis to enter their details and get a free, no-obligation KiwiSaver recommendation, which they call the ‘KiwiSaver search tool‘. With an easy-to-navigate and digitally innovative process, users can get expert advice on their KiwiSaver quickly and easily.

Nick Hay, Director of Eternal Financial Advice says, “It’s pretty amazing that we have the ability to help so many New Zealanders with our KiwiSaver advice. For many of our customers, the small changes made today with their KiwiSaver turn into life-changing results on the trail, and that really makes the work we do worth it.

With a host of KiwiSaver resources on its website, Eternal Financial Advice has created a platform for New Zealanders to develop their financial literacy and make better decisions about their KiwiSaver.

To learn more about the Eternal team and the advice they provide, you can visit their website at

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Sarah J. Greer