GoHenry Addresses the Financial Literacy Gap with Collaboration from Salesforce

Customer relationship management provider Selling power announced its collaboration with GoHenrybecause the need for financial education remains predominant.

The prepaid debit card and app, which provides financial education for children ages 6 to 18, is to leverage Salesforce technology, including centralized collaboration via Soft and rolling out its service and marketing clouds, with the goal of closing the financial literacy gap among this demographic.

With the cloud service, GoHenry can send employees on a guided journey to help them log cases faster, while automated processes and centralized data give employees the right tools to serve customers quickly and efficiently.

Employees can continually improve their use of technology by leveraging Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform. On top of that, its marketing cloud helps deliver personalized onboarding and engagement journeys for customers.

With over 100 member service agents, Slack acts as the company’s digital HQ, connecting its employees, tools, customers and partners in a central hub that also provides flexibility to work environments.

Combined, these innovations help GoHenry achieve its goal of making every kid smart with money as it seeks to advance its pressing agenda. The combination is also designed to help the business connect more data and processes, break down silos, and unlock richer metrics across the organization.

The app is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth, with its member base growing from one million to over two million in the UK and US over the past two years. Leveraging Salesforce technology, GoHenry adapts and optimizes its operations to meet the needs of growth.

COO and co-founder of the app Louisa Hill describes financial education as the company’s “number one priority”, noting that the rollout of Salesforce and Slack has been “crucial” to its ambitions to scale while helping more young people become “confident on the ‘silver”.

GoHenry is just one of many apps and services aimed at advancing financial education and youth inclusion. In an attempt to target the right people at the right time, many in the space are turning to the power of social media.

Social platforms have long been identified as an effective way to reach and influence the right audience; given the large number of young users signing up for the service.

Ola Majekodunmi

Being a pioneer in this space is Whoa Majekodunmifounder and CEO of All Things Silveran eminent social media channel and website which shares daily updates and information on money management techniques, useful services and the latest news on the broader financial industry.

Much like GoHenry, All Things Money exists to educate its audience of 12,400 people, all of whom are predominantly in the youth demographic, about the financial issues that matter.

Addressing exclusively to Fintech timeMajekodunmi highlighted the effective use of social media as a financial education tool.

“It’s no secret that the vast majority of people are now on social media,” she comments, “which has made it easy for people to spread facts and information, which has created a increased level of financial education now taught online on different platforms. ICT Tac and instagram at Twitter and

“Social media has enabled these ‘personal finance influencers’ to reach a much wider audience than ever before, helping to close the existing financial literacy gap in the UK!”

Sarah J. Greer