Gimi partners with ABN Amro to launch financial literacy app for kids

Swedish edtech start-up Gimi has teamed up with Dutch multinational bank ABN Amro to launch a financial education app aimed at children.

The co-branded app was launched in the Netherlands. Image source: Gimi.

The co-branded application, developed over 90 days, is aimed at parents and young people aged 7 to 13.

Gimi says this collaboration makes ABN Amro the first bank in Europe to launch an educational tool designed specifically for children and their parents to address the problem of financial illiteracy among young people. The app uses open banking to allow kids to manage their money securely through their connected bank account.

Jorissa Neutelings, chief digital officer at ABN Amro, said the partnership with Gimi will provide parents with the tools to teach their children to become “smart with money and to become financially independent and responsible young adults”.

Gimi Founder and CEO Philip Haglund says partnering with ABN Amro “allows us to work with a like-minded organization that wants to equip kids with the financial skills they need.”

The app is now available in the Netherlands, and those who access it through ABN Amro will have free access to Gimi’s Superskills Pro subscription, which offers personal digital finance lessons.

Sarah J. Greer