Financial Security: How to Protect Your Finances Against Crises and Build Wealth

As a successful career person or entrepreneur, in the normal course of life there will be times of financial pressure. It can be internal, such as taking a leave of absence, going to school, losing your job, a bad time at your company, or even retirement. It can be external like a bad economy, inflation, devaluation, etc. Whether internal or external, under the right conditions, it can really become a personal finance crisis!

Although the expressions may be different, the journey of life is the same. To fix any problem, find where it was fixed, then copy and paste special!

When it comes to personal finances, even after earning well, the best way to feel secure, even in economic uncertainty or personal hardship, is to plan for it. Yes, anticipate that it will happen and plan for it!

At work, we have 10-year strategic growth plans – all actions must align with this, we keep reserves, review resources, plan for skill enhancement and make room for unexpected events. We even scan the environment – we keep our ears to the ground and make decisive adjustments based on what we see. It makes so much sense at work, right?

Let’s bring that same logic to our personal finances. The people whose finances are tested by crises are those who take their financial growth (i.e. wealth creation) as seriously as they take the growth of their organizations or their careers.

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If you haven’t started thinking about your finances like this, it’s important to start now. Your journey to money is one that will last you a lifetime – you will always have bills until you leave this earth (even getting buried costs money, lol).

A journey without a destination or a map is a random walk, burning energy but going nowhere. Earning well does not automatically lead to financial security. It certainly makes it easier, but if you don’t know how to use money as a tool to get you where you need to go, inflation and investment losses will get the most out of your hard work.

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As with the strategic direction of your business, your financial plan has many parts. A comprehensive plan would cover: knowing where you are, defining where you are going and planning how to get there. To do this effectively, you need financial education (consider training on the job for a certain role!). So, if you want to become financially literate – that is, gain the clarity, tools, or resources needed to protect your finances from crisis and start building wealth (not just making money), I would like to invite you to a paid personal and virtual finance and investment holding workshop on the 24e from September 2022.

This will be a hands-on session where you will get your finances in order, build your financial plan, and be onboarded by financial institutions that will support you in all aspects of your financial journey. For more information and to register click here

Sarah J. Greer