Financial security becomes one of the most attractive qualities in a partner as Americans enter 2022

ARLINGTON, Va., February 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — American couples are open about their finances before saying “I love you.” According to a new study by life happens, a national non-profit organization that educates consumers about the importance of life insurance in a sound financial plan, 74% of respondents said it took them between one and eight months to get started. comfortable talking about their finances with their partner, while over the same period, only 42% would say “I love you”. It may indicate that the traits that Americans favor in a partner are changing. The “For Love and Money” survey also revealed that financial security (42%) is one of the three most attractive traits in a partner, along with a sense of humor (44%) and intelligence ( 44%).

For Life Happens Annual Secure your love campaign last February, the survey asked 2,000 American couples what was the financial factor in their relationship. The results showed that 77% of those surveyed agreed that relationships no longer need to have ‘breadwinners’, and eight in 10 Americans agreed that it had become more socially acceptable for women to earn more than their male partners.

fall head over heels
It may be because of the pandemic, but Americans seem to be moving faster in their relationships. This is demonstrated by individuals having serious conversations early on. According to the survey, 70% said they had discussed or plan to discuss getting married within a year of starting a relationship. With the future on their minds, 64% agree they are more comfortable talking about finances than talking about kids.

money before marriage
Before getting married, people in a relationship find it acceptable to talk about debt (68%) and joint bank accounts (68%). They are also forward-looking, with half saying now is also a good time to talk about life insurance (51%) and wills/end-of-life planning (50%).

“Over the past two decades, we have seen a shift with increasing numbers of Americans, especially younger generations, being more comfortable discussing finances,” noted Faisa StaffordPresident and CEO of Life Happens. “These conversations are often the first step in making people feel secure both in their relationship and financially. In fact, 59% of people would feel more secure discussing life insurance with their partner. .”

Split the bill
In the early stages of a relationship, 38% of respondents say they should share everything equally, which is especially true among Millennials (41%) and Gen Z (41%). However, 31% think the partner who makes the most money should pay for most things in a relationship. Men, in particular, agree with this statement (39%) compared to women (25%).

Act rather than talk
Despite accelerated timelines around finance-focused conversations in relationships, Americans are still hesitant to talk about certain topics. The survey found that the most taboo topics to discuss with your partner were prenups (31%), joint bank accounts (21%) and each other’s debt (18%). The least taboo financial topic was life insurance (2%), with 65% of respondents saying they were comfortable discussing it with their current partner.

Show (rather than say) your love
So many of our lives have changed in the past two years, including the way we show our love. When asked how they show love to their partners, the most common responses were to listen (39%) and make time to be with them (35%). Additionally, when asked what financial decisions would describe or demonstrate their love to someone, responses included:

  1. Saving for a home (44%)
  2. Mutual debt repayment (41%)
  3. Save for a child’s college fund (40%)
  4. Save your partner money (39%)
  5. Taking out a life insurance policy (36%)
  6. Make end-of-life plans (35%)

“I encourage Americans to show their love beyond words,” Stafford continued. “One way to do that is to take control of your finances, and that includes buying a life insurance policy to make sure your loved ones are financially protected if anything ever happens to you.”

In support of this message, Life Happens has launched its annual report Secure your love campaign focused on motivating people to buy life insurance to protect their loved ones financially. To act for your loved ones, Life Happens offers a Life Insurance Needs Calculator to help you assess your own life insurance needs.

Methodology for “For love and money”
This double-opt-in random survey of 2,000 Americans in couples was commissioned by Life Happens between January 3 and January 6, 2022. It was produced by a market research company OnePollwhose team members are members of the market research company and are corporate members of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the European Society for Opinion and Research in Marketing (ESOMAR).

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