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Local students receive free training on how to manage their money from First Community Bank (FCB). More than 6,500 students and teachers from 17 schools in multiple counties across Texas have free access to Banzai. Banzai is an award-winning online financial literacy program and content library of customizable articles, calculators and coaches. All of these resources are available to students at home or in the classroom via any device with internet access.

“Banzai is an online financial literacy program. Kids have their own accounts and work on real-life based missions,” said Banzai co-founder Morgan Vandagriff. “But because First Community Bank sponsors it, local schools get it for free. More than ever, it’s important that children develop strong financial skills to prepare them for the real world, and First Community Bank recognizes this and is doing something about it.

Banzai content builds a foundation of practical knowledge and gives students the tools to create a strong financial future. As students learn, teachers can monitor and record their progress remotely. After completing Banzai, students will know how to know where their money is, what it is used for, recognize financial trade-offs, budget, and more. At a time when many are facing unprecedented financial challenges, these lessons are invaluable. Banzai resources are available at firstcbank.teachbanzai.com.

Banzai resources are used by more than 80,000 teachers across the United States. Courses align with Texas state curriculum requirements, making the program a fun way for students to learn vital financial literacy skills.

Teachers interested in using the Banzai program with their class can visit firstcbank.teachbanzai.com or call 888-8-BANZAI.

For more information, visit banzai.org.

For more information about First Community Bank, visit fcbot.com.

Sarah J. Greer