FCAC launches Financial Literacy Month 2021

Last summer, the ACFC published its new National Financial Literacy Strategy which establishes a framework for stakeholders to work together to create a more accessible, inclusive and efficient financial ecosystem for Canadians. The theme of Financial Literacy Month, Make a change that matters!, aligns with the National Strategy and encourages organizations across the financial ecosystem to reduce barriers and catalyze actions that will help Canadians build financial resilience. FCAC has actions identified stakeholders can take to help move the National Strategy forward.

FCAC also has resources and tools for Canadians and stakeholders that can help build financial resilience, including FCAC’s innovative and personalized tools budget planner and information on topics ranging from managing expenses, savings and debt to navigating the financial market.

Financial Literacy Month will revolve around four weekly themes.

November 1 to 6

Expense management to deal with bills and credit

November 7-13

Debt management feel in control of your overall debt situation

November 14-20

Savings management prepare for financial shocks and
unexpected expenses and achieve your financial goals

November 21-30

Navigate the financial market with knowledge and

These themes are based on the building blocks of financial resilience identified in FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy.

Building on the success of the 10and anniversary of Financial Literacy Month, FCAC is hosting a number of events and activities throughout November. Given that women have been disproportionately impacted financially during the pandemic, FCAC will organize a public event for women on November 17. The focus of the event will be to help women develop money management skills and savings habits to build their financial resilience.

Canadians and stakeholders are encouraged to visit Canada.ca/Financial-Literacy-Month for financial tips and tools and to learn more about this year’s events and activities.

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“Financial Literacy Month highlights the importance of building financial resilience, especially in these difficult times. At FCAC, we are proud to be a leader in financial literacy and our renewed National Financial Literacy Strategy is a bold step towards creating a better financial ecosystem for everyone. I am delighted that this year’s Financial Literacy Month provides an opportunity to advance the priorities of the National Strategy. I applaud the many dedicated organizations across the country that support Financial Literacy Month. And I encourage Canadians to take some time this month to learn more about how they can improve their financial resilience. Let’s make changes that matter! »

Judith RobertsonCommissioner, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Fast facts

  • The role of the consumer agency in financial matters Canada is to protect financial consumers by strengthening the financial literacy of Canadians and overseeing the compliance of federally regulated entities, including banks, with their legal obligations, codes of conduct and public commitments.
  • FCAC and the Financial Literacy Action Group launched Financial Literacy Month in Canada in 2011. Today, hundreds of organizations from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors help promote Financial Literacy Month and organize events and activities across the country to help common goal of strengthening the financial literacy of Canadians.
  • Financial Literacy includes the skills and ability to make informed financial decisions, as well as actions or behaviors that lead to positive financial results. Financial literacy is considered an essential skill, like reading and writing.
  • Financial resilience is the ability to adapt or persevere through predictable and unpredictable financial choices, difficulties, and life shocks.

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