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Experts have emphasized co-investment as a way to ensure financial growth and security.

They pointed out that with the current financial downturn, collaborative investment remains a way to stay afloat.

The submission was made at the launch of two books titled ‘There is Land for You and ‘Co-Investment: Unlocking Treasures in Hidden Places’ written by Grace Ibhakhomu yesterday in Lagos.

The author, who is also a managing director of Lifecard Investment Limited, explained that co-investing means collaborating with two or more parties to invest money in a business or program with the aim of making the money grow at over time.

According to her, co-investing gives you tools, information and principles to grow in the sector and helps ensure your financial stability.

She noted that, contrary to popular opinion, real estate investing doesn’t have to be done with a lot of money.

Ibhakhomu added that the book would teach readers how to identify fraudulent opportunities and the documentation process needed for every purchase.

The author continued, “Being able to put my thoughts and inspiration into books is very important to me. You have many of my stories and stories of people who have risen out of poverty, who are now able to fend for themselves and even unborn generations just by venturing into real estate.

“But something unique about one of the books is the fact that everyone thinks real estate is something you have to go into with a lot of money. No! Co-investing is going to teach you the strategy proven track record that can actually kick start your real estate investing journey and the truth is that everyone wants to be rich and wealth is for every child of God.

“One aspect of the book that I love so much is your change of mind. One of the chapters that I love in this book is ‘What my mind was able to deliver to me’ and I want everyone read this book.

“And in ‘There is an earth for you in the creation of the world’, God created an earth for everyone. Many people think that they will never be able to own land, but the truth is that after reading this book, something will happen to you, and when you make up your mind, land will come to you, because there is land for everyone. ”

The president of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), Bamidele Onalaja, said the books were written to share the author’s knowledge of successful co-investment strategies, urging everyone to read for better knowledge of real estate.

Sarah J. Greer