EdTech Startup Money Vehicle Financial Literacy Course Launches in Ohio Schools

The MV platform is available nationwide as financial literacy instruction mandates spread.

CINCINNATI, August 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — silver vehiclea leading educational technology (EdTech) company dedicated to bridging the financial literacy gap in the United States, announces the launch of its Virtual Financial Literacy Course in Ohio. Governor Mike DeWine signed into law new financial education requirements late last year requiring all public school students in the state to complete a full-semester stand-alone personal finance course, a rule also in effect in 15 country states. The Money Vehicle course aligns with from ohio specific standards, making it an ideal turnkey solution for students, educators and school districts.

from ohio The Financial Literacy Mandate will ensure that students across the state have the opportunity to change their lives, and we couldn’t be more proud that Money Vehicle is enabling teachers to have that impact in their classrooms,” said Jedidiah. Collins CFP®, founder of Money Vehicle. .

Since the beginning of July this year, the ninth grade students of Ohio must earn a financial literacy half-credit to graduate, according to Ohio Department of Education Rules. The standards mandate instruction on financial topics, including bank account management, budgeting basics, and debt management. The Money Vehicle course walks through the first 10 steps of a financial journey, teaching students the basics of personal finance, as well as how to speak the language of money.

“I was a banker for 41 years and saw the results of not teaching our children financial literacy,” Ohio state senator Steve Wilsonpresident of the Ohio Senate Committee on Financial Institutions and Technology, and one of the main sponsors of the bill, told CNBC when the requirements have been enacted into law. “I wanted to do something about it.”

Money Vehicle is designed for classrooms and is an industry leader in resources for educators. The course has been developed by financial and pedagogical experts, including teachers and administrators, who have decades of experience in rolling out school projects. Money Vehicle is already used by school districts nationwide, as well as on college campuses and by professional sports leagues.

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About the monetary vehicle

Money Vehicle is a team of former financial advisors, educators, and instructional designers, on a mission to bridge the financial literacy gap. With decades of collective experience, Money Vehicle has developed an interactive manual, standards-based curriculum and resources for classroom instruction. This hybrid engagement of on-screen and off-screen teaching gets every student started on their financial plan.

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