Best sofa stores: John Lewis, Ikea and more rated by customers

We asked 2,932 Which one? members on their sofas to check out the best – and worst – sofa brands and retailers for customer satisfaction.

A sofa is a big investment. You want one that’s comfortable, stands the test of time, and looks good too. According to our exclusive survey, the brand you choose can make a big difference in how your sofa looks.

No one wants to wait too long for their sofa to arrive or have to deal with poor customer service, so we’ve also rated the best stores to buy your sofa from so you can shop with confidence.

Find out which retailer got five stars in all but one of our six areas, and which are at the bottom of the table.

Or check out our full reviews for the likes of Ikea, SCS, john lewis, DFS and furniture village.

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Sofa Stores Reviewed by Customers

Some sofa stores – like Sofology or Ikea – only sell their own sofa brands, while others, like John Lewis, sell a variety of sofa brands.

Our survey of sofa retailers focuses on the shopping experience, including delivery and customer service.

The table below reveals customer scores for the 10 most popular brands purchased by our Which? members.

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Sofa Stores: Customer Satisfaction Survey Ratings

Best brands for sofa delivery

We also asked customers to rate their specific sofa for comfort, quality and value for money, and to rate their sofa overall.

What is the best sofa brand to buy?

Which? sofa survey

Which? Customer scores are based on overall customer satisfaction with the brand and whether or not they would recommend it.

To find out which are the best and worst sofa brands and retailers, in May 2021 we polled 2,932 Which? members who had purchased a sofa in the past 10 years and asked about their experiences with retailers and the sofa brand itself.

Overall customer scores are based on how satisfied customers are with the brand or retailer, and how likely they are to recommend it to a friend.

For more details on the big brands from above, visit our reviews of DFS, furniture village, Ikea, john lewis and SCS.

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