Apply for IIT-Madras Early Bankers Development Course to Build Financial Literacy

IIndian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras Digital Skills Academy in collaboration with InFact Pro has introduced a development program called “Premier Banker” with the aim of providing financial literacy knowledge.

“It is very important to offer up-skilling and development courses in a timely manner and also to focus on current markets and their requirements. As our country aims to rapidly move towards a $5 trillion economy, it is important that such programs are offered soon with the help of leading professors in finance and banking sector training companies, such as this that our academy has come up with,” said Professor K Mangala Sunder, Director. from Digital Skills Academy, IIT Madras.

All bachelor’s degree holders or undergraduate students in their second or third year of their degree can enroll in the course.

Things to know:

The course focuses on banking and finance with a particular focus on digital banking, mutual funds, banking financial toolkit, intensive training for financial health analysis and forecasting.
A certificate from the Center for Continuing Education, IIT Madras will be received after completion of the course.
Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university and second/final year students from such can apply for the course.
This is a 12 month course with the first six months containing 250 hours of modules with hundreds of questions and assignments to prepare students for a career in banking and financial services.
Students will be expected to work in a banking environment for the final six months of the course, after successfully completing Level 1.
It also helps students deal effectively with banking-related matters, even if they are not interested in a career in the field.
The price of the course is Rs 59,000, taxes included.
For more details, visit the official website of IIT-M Where Infact Pro.

How to register?

Visit the official website of Infact Pro.
From the “courses” menu on the home page, select IIT Certification.
Select “Program in Premier Banker” and register.
Carefully review the details.
Fill in all the necessary details and complete the registration.


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