American Public Education Foundation Launches Free Financial Literacy Library

This initiative follows the publication by the foundation in July of The national newsletter on financial literacy, a comprehensive update of its national report card on mandatory K-12 personal financial education in all 50 states and the District of Colombia and Porto Rico.

“We are thrilled to offer this easy-to-use website free of charge to teachers, parents and students across the country,” says David Pickler, executive director of the American Public Education Foundation. “This is another exciting initiative that our foundation has created to combat the epidemic of financial illiteracy facing our country. With this library of phenomenal content, our foundation is leading the way in promoting and advocating for personal finance education in every home and classroom. The United States of America.”

Financial illiteracy is an American epidemic and the problem is growing. According The Aspen Institute, 16% of suicides in the United States occur in response to a financial problem. The American Public Education Foundation’s newsletter on financial literacy – published in July 2021 – noted that two-thirds of States (35 States including Porto Rico and washington d.c.) earned grades of “C” or lower for teaching financial literacy, with only 17 states earning grades of “A” or “B.”

Check out the financial literacy resource library:
Check out the National Report Card on Financial Literacy:

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Sarah J. Greer