Adit EdTech Acquisition (NYSE:ADEX) & CompuMed (OTCMKTS:CMPD) Financial Analysis

Adit EdTech Acquisition (NYSE:ADEX – Get Rating) and CompuMed (OTCMKTS:CMPD – Get Rating) are both small cap medical companies, but which is the better company? We’ll compare the two companies based on their dividend strength, risk, profitability, institutional ownership, valuation, earnings, and analyst recommendations.

Institutional and Insider Ownership

71.0% of the shares of Adit EdTech Acquisition are held by institutional investors. 22.0% of CompuMed’s shares are held by insiders. Strong institutional ownership indicates that hedge funds, endowments, and large fund managers believe a company is poised for long-term growth.

Analyst Recommendations

This is a breakdown of recent ratings for Adit EdTech Acquisition and CompuMed, as provided by MarketBeat.

Sales Ratings Hold odds Buy reviews Strong buy odds Rating
Acquisition of Adit EdTech 0 0 0 0 N / A
CompuMed 0 0 0 0 N / A


This table compares the net margins, return on equity and return on assets of Adit EdTech Acquisition and CompuMed.

Net margins Return on equity return on assets
Acquisition of Adit EdTech N / A N / A -0.49%
CompuMed 13.60% 27.66% 17.49%

Valuation and benefits

This table compares the revenue, earnings per share (EPS), and valuation of Adit EdTech Acquisition and CompuMed.

Gross revenue Price/sales ratio Net revenue Earnings per share Price/earnings ratio
Acquisition of Adit EdTech N / A N / A -$2.63 million N / A N / A
CompuMed $6.32 million 1.00 $1.07 million $0.02 7.50

CompuMed has higher revenue and profit than Adit EdTech Acquisition.

Risk and Volatility

Adit EdTech Acquisition has a beta of -0.02, which means its stock price is 102% less volatile than the S&P 500. In comparison, CompuMed has a beta of 1.44, which means its stock price is 44 % more volatile than the S&P 500.


CompuMed beats Adit EdTech Acquisition on 7 of the 8 factors compared between the two stocks.

Adit EdTech Acquisition Company Profile (Get a rating)

Adit EdTech Acquisition Corp. has no significant activities. It focuses on completing a merger, capital exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or several companies or entities. The company was incorporated in 2020 and is based in New York, New York.

CompuMed Company Profile (Get a rating)

CompuMed, Inc., an enterprise telemedicine solutions company, provides clinical care services to patients and medical facilities. It offers telecardiology and teleradiology services that provide real-time access to US Board-certified specialists through cloud-based technology and medical devices integrated into medical facilities around the world. The company provides enterprise telemedicine solutions, such as a specialist network, cloud-based telemedicine technology, telemedicine-enabled medical devices, 24/7 call center customer support. 7, professional services and training; a suite of telecardiology services and diagnostic test interpretations for pediatric and adult patients, including electrocardiogram (ECG) machines, echocardiogram, ECG, vascular, holter, nuclear and video consultations; and playback, transcription, report, storage and video consultations in the fields of Vscan, x-rays, ultrasound, mammography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and radiologist video consultations. It also offers OsteoGram software that works in combination with standard or digital X-ray equipment to support osteoporosis screening, diagnosis and treatment monitoring. Additionally, the company provides mobile ECG and ultrasound solutions that provide patients with immediate access to its certified specialists; and Vscan, a pocket-sized, portable viewing tool that houses ultrasound technology, which builds clinical confidence for physicians and aids in rapid diagnosis. It serves organ procurement organizations, rural health care, and correctional health care industries. CompuMed, Inc. was founded in 1973 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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Sarah J. Greer