5 Teacher Named SC Financial Literacy Master Educator of the Month | Colombia

Lexington-Richland Five Educator Kurt Stiglbauer was recently named Educator of the Month for January 2022 in the South Carolina Financial Literacy Master Teacher Program.

Lexington-Richland Five Educator Kurt Stiglbauer was named Educator of the Month for January for the state’s Financial Literacy Masters Program.

The South Carolina Financial Literacy Master Teacher Program enables teachers to provide students with the tools to be financially conscious in a real-world setting. The program provides incentives for teachers focused on financial literacy, such as access to specialized training and financial literacy programs to increase student knowledge. The title is given in the name of the Treasurer of South Carolina, Curtis Loftis.

“Our South Carolina financial literacy master teachers show both a passion for helping students create strong financial habits and a concern for showing them how to avoid financial pitfalls that could potentially harm their well-being,” said state treasurer Curtis Loftis. “I continue to be grateful to such exceptional teachers like Kurt Stiglbauer, who work to ensure students are prepared to handle the challenges they will face in the real world.”

Stiglbauer teaches economics, government, and human geography in a virtual classroom for grades 1-12. Stiglbauer spent 20 years teaching economics at Ridge View High School and 14 years at Cardinal Newman High School, where he taught economics, government, and United States history before moving to his current position.

Stiglbauer received his bachelor’s degree from Erskine College and his master’s degree in education from the University of South Carolina. He is also a Gold Level Financial Literacy Master Teacher.

“I spend a lot of my time thinking about how I can reach more students across the state to help them become financially responsible, and I share some of my experiences on how to think rationally using marginal analysis in every situation,” he said. “I teach with the goal of helping every student avoid being taken advantage of by corporations and their marketing schemes, sometimes sharing my own difficult lessons in these areas.”

The SC Financial Literacy Master Teacher Program is sponsored by Future Scholar and in partnership with SC Economics, a statewide financial education initiative to integrate financial education into preschool education.

Sarah J. Greer