5 questions about financial literacy for Mac Gardner from FinLit Tech

In a new episode of Financial planning Podcast, FinLit Tech Founder Mac Gardner on How Tech Could Help Boost Americans decline in financial literacy.

Since beginning his career as a bank teller, Gardner has worked for 25 years in financial services with wealth managers, insurers, asset managers, credit unions and other businesses. The author of “Motivate your money!” and “The four cubsworks as a consultant and brand ambassador with fintech company eMoney Advisor, owned by Fidelity Investments. Gardner’s company, FinLit Tech, develops tools and resources to build financial literacy, such as eMoney’s education and wellness platform. He also hosted the third season of the company’s podcast, “That Makes Cents.”

Mac Gardner is the founder of FinLit Tech, based in Tampa, Florida.

mac gardner

As critics point out that lack of access to wealth acts as a major deterrent to understand money, and regulations from decades ago can often stifle innovation due to compliance issues, more and more financial advisors and industry professionals are discussing how best to break down barriers to generational wealth building. In the podcast, PF Chief Correspondent Tobias Salinger asks Gardner five questions about his children’s book on money, his company’s strategic partnership with eMoney and a new app coming soon, among other topics:

1. What is the history of the Four Money Bears?

2. When did you start FinLit Tech and how does your company work with eMoney?

3. Your firm is launching its own app in 2022. What can you share about it right now, and how do you think clients and advisors could get the most out of it?

4. Financial literacy is getting a lot more attention lately. In addition to concerns about having enough assets to invest to get started, many Americans simply don’t have a lot of financial literacy. How can financial advisors and wealth managers get involved to disrupt this continuous cycle?

5. We know that there are many financial literacy issues in our country. So how do you assess whether the growing number of efforts to tackle this problem have been successful?

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Sarah J. Greer